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The company offers a wide variety of marketing services for the Client.

Pharmaceuticals registration:- registration and re-registration of products in Uzbekistan;- preparation of documentation in accordance to the requirements of registration authorities;- document translation services to Russian and Uzbek languages;- application submission to the Central Authority on

Quality Control of Drugs and Medical Devices;- consulting the manufacturing companies on registration processes in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;- coordinating the registration process, including solving current issues with regulation committees;- obtaining a certificate of registration of products;- registration of changes made by companies during the term of the registration certificate;- realization of re-registration of products (every 5 years).

Pharmaceutical Trade:- wholesale of pharmaceuticals and medical products in Uzbekistan;- development of distribution network in Uzbekistan;- selling of products for a large wholesale network;- selling of products for clinics and hospitals (only for specific products);- monitoring, analysis, management of wholesale purchases in accordance with the marketing activities.

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