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Market and competitor analysis

An analysis of the competitors’ market will help you to identify the characteristics of the goods and services of competitive companies, their pricing policy, see the vector of their development, and assess the scale of the threat. And also, thanks to detailed research of competitors, you will be able to enter the market, using their disadvantages as your advantages.

Brand development

Branding, creating a company brand is the key to business success. Professional brand development helps to take your business to the next level, attracting attention and retaining loyal customers, creating a unique image that will effectively communicate with customers and partners, broadcast your mission and vision, as well as the values shared by your audience.

Marketing strategy development

Marketing strategy reveals your competitive advantage. Calculates complex marketing budgets for several years in advance. Shows how to develop a company, brand, product. By correctly defining advantages and channels, the brand will quickly become in demand and recognizable, and the promotion will be profitable and bring in sales.

Promotion of goods and services

Product promotion is a set of marketing measures aimed at increasing demand and, as a result, increasing sales. This is a collection of various measures, efforts, actions taken by marketers, sellers of goods, intermediaries in order to increase demand, increase sales, a somewhat broader and more labor-intensive type of activity than the sale of goods.

Registration of pharmaceuticals

The main purpose of registration is to guarantee the provision of safe, effective and quality medicines to the population.

List of services

  • translation of documentation into Russian and Uzbek languages;
  • preparation of documentation in accordance with the requirements of the registration authorities;
  • filing an application with the General Directorate for Quality Control of Medicines and Medical Equipment;
  • informing the manufacturer about the registration process of the drug in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;
  • coordination of the registration process, incl. resolving current issues with regulatory authorities;
  • obtaining a certificate of registration of the drug;
  • registration of changes made by companies during the period of validity of the registration certificate;
  • re-registration of the drug (every 5 years).

During the registration procedure and re-registration in Uzbekistan, medicines are checked for compliance with the declared characteristics, undergo preclinical, clinical trials, pharmaceutical expertise to identify all kinds of risks.

Trade in pharmaceuticals

List of services

  • organization of a distribution network in Uzbekistan;
  • sales of products for a large wholesale network;
  • sales of products for clinics and hospitals (only for special types of products);
  • control, analysis, management of wholesale purchases in accordance with marketing activities.

One of the most essential areas of business is the sale of pharmaceuticals. People need drugs, organizations need to supply these very drugs.

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